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Stained glass panels can not only enhance the appearance of your home decor but add to the value as well. I have worked with stained glass transoms and sidelights as well, including lots of bevels. These panels can be installed from the inside right up next to the existing window or a chain can be added for hanging. Should you desire a pattern or color you don't see here send us your request and we can custom design a stained glass window for you. Prices below are based on pattern and size. Each panel can be resized and priced accordingly.  

Stained Glass Windows & Panels

Geisha stained glass window panel

Geisha Fan Dance

16” x 26”


Little Rose

8” x 13”


PayPal: Add Little Rose to cart little rose stained glass panel Peacock window Pansy Corners hibiscus corners

Stained Glass

Pansy Corners 8”x 7”

M-226 -------- $208 set

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Stained Glass

Hibiscus Corners   8 x 6

M-225 ------- $208 set

add to cart dragon stained glass panel Crocus monkey panel mermaid window

Peacock Window

W-131 - - - -   $450

Background clear texture

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Crocus window

14” dia. (clear background)

W-236 ------- $375.

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Beveled Marlin

Approx. 20" Diameter

W-286 ---------- $425

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Stained Glass

Dragon Window 18"

 W-219 ------ $450

PayPal: Add Dragon Window to cart squirrel monkey

Squirrel Monkey

Approx 12” x 14”

W-133 —––- $350

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Mermaid Window  

23.5" x 13"

W-277 -------- $430

PayPal: Add Mermaid Window to cart victorian circle capuchin monkey

Victorian Circle

12” diameter

W-203 —–- $225

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Capuchin Circle

13” diameter

W-199 -------- $275

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Lotus Blossom

13” diameter

W-242 -------- $285

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Winter Moon Landscape

18” Stained Glass Panel

W-138 —–––- $375

add to cart goldfish stained glass window

Goldfish Window

13" diameter

 W-130 ----- $255

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Indian Shield

16” diameter


PayPal: Add Indian Shield to cart stained glass window - Indian Shield ivy vine stained glass window dragon stained glass window panel

Ivy Vine Arch

14 “ x 25”


Dragon Star

17”  x 28”


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Capuchin Monkey

15" x 37"

W-283 ------- $735

Winter Moon Landscape stained glass panel

Oval Dove   

12" x 16"

   W-148 ------ $325

PayPal: Add Oval Dove to cart ascending dove stained glass panel

Lion Head

18” x 19”


Submit Lion head stained glass panel beveled marlin - round Rooster stained glass panel

Rooster Bright Morning

19 X 45”


Submit tree silhouete

Tree Silhouette   

11”x 18”

 W-229 -------- $395

PayPal: Add Tree Silhouette to cart abstract music stained glass

Crasher Tunes Abstract

16” square


Submit fleur de lis



W-278 -------- $165

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Desert Sunset

20 x 20”


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Desert Morn

20 x 20”


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Woodland Deer

Custom made by request

Abstract Panel

14” x 14”

W-267 -------- $360

PayPal: Add Abstract to cart abstract hanging panel unique flower stained glass window

Unique Flower 21A

21 x 21”


PayPal: Add Unique Flower 21A to cart Request a quote

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