If you wish to order a pet portrait please provide me with a couple of good photos in a pose you like.  Some photos work better with stained glass which is why I need at least a couple.


Please indicate the approximate panel size you want or if this will be a stepping stone.  Keep in mind that the design itself will dictate the size to a degree.  I can provide you options along with the design.


Designs can be done with a plain background as you would see in a photo portrait or I can add a scenic background such as mountains, water, sky, etc.  If you have a preference let me know.  Also let me know if you have any color preferences.


I charge an up front design fee of $65 which is credited toward purchase.  I will provide you with a full color scaled drawing along with the price for your approval. You can request changes to the design if you like as well as any color changes.  Once the design has been finalized I will send you a Paypal invoice for 50% of the quoted price which will get the work started.  The balance plus shipping will be due when I have the project ready to ship.  You do not need a Paypal account to utilize this.

Please note that stained glass pricing is based on size as well as the number of pieces in a design. Attempting to quote prices without a design in front of me will not be accurate.  Most fall somewhere between $300-600.  If you are working within a budget range please let me know and I will make every attempt to design accordingly.


Lead times can vary according to the number of orders ahead of yours.  I can let you know the approximate delivery time when the order is placed.  Please indicate if the order is intended for a gift such as a birthday.  I will make every attempt to get it to you but would need at least 2-3 weeks for fabrication.





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