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Stained Glass Stepping Stone Sets

Our specialty mosaic stones are quite unique and are available in any color combination. The hexagonal stones are 16” across (point to point).  The sets are available together or sold separately.  Imagine the fish ring encircling a tree as if swimming in a stream.  

All my products are made by me right here in the USA.  Let’s all pitch in. Support small businesses in America!

lily pond stepping stone set

Lily Pond Stepping Stone Set

lily pond frog stained glass stepping stone

Lily Pond Frog

Stepping Stone

SH-151 ------ $316

lily pond flower stone

Lily Pond Flower (left)

Stepping Stone

SH-153 ------ $307

Lily Pond Goldfish

Stepping Stone

SH-152 ------ $307

lily pond with flower stained glass stepping stone

Lily Pond Flower (right)

Stepping Stone

SH-150 ------ $296

PayPal: Add Lily Pond Flower(right) to cart PayPal: Add Lily Pond Frog to cart PayPal: Add Lily Pond Flower (left) to cart PayPal: Add Lily Pond Goldfish to cart Mosaic butterfly stepping stone

Lily Pond Butterfly

Stepping Stone

SH-155 ------- $275

lily pond and swan stone

 Lily Pond Swan

Mosaic Stepping Stone

SH-154 ------ $245

PayPal: Add Lily Pond Swan to cart PayPal: Add Lily Pond Butterfly to cart goldfish lily pond mosaic trout and salmon mosaic fish set

Trout and Salmon

Yin Yang Stepping Stones

Yin Yang Center

18” Diameter

  SR 274 -----    $318


Fish Ring

36” diameter

SR-275 ----- $570

Entire Set

Yin Yang & Ring

SR-276 ----- $888

PayPal: Add Ring of Fish to cart PayPal: Add Yin Yang Fish Center Stone to cart PayPal: Add Yin Yang Center and Ring Set to cart

This stepping stone set was made for a fishing tackle store in Colorado.   It was  to be installed in front of the storefront entryway. The owner had plans to fill the space inside the ring with the brick he was using around the rest of the walkway.   I am sure the outcome was stunning. These can be ordered individually or all together.  The center stone is 18” round and can easily be utilized as a table top.  

Dragonfly stepping stone

with brass wing inlay

SH-104 ------- $325

PayPal: Add Dragonfly Stone w/brass filigree wings to cart mosaic dragonfly stepping stone

Click below to request a quote on any design.  Be sure to include your dimensions (W x H) as well as the design name/number and your color choice.

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