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Our mosaic stepping stones are hand-made to order. If you are looking for unique ideas to improve your garden these extraordinary stepping stones make an exquisite addition.  Try staggering these down a path to make a big impact.  Order as pictured or request your own color scheme and we will customize it just for you.  Many designs to choose from. If you have another design in mind we will be happy to create it for you.

Rose stained glass stepping stone

Anchors Away

14”  round

SR-116 -----$165

Triple Pansies

14” round

SR-156 ----- $131.  

Crazy Daisy

14” round

SR-147 ------ $135

Rose Stone

14” round

SR-287 ------ $145

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Dolphin Leaping

14” round

SR-216 ------ $149.

Lily  Bloom

14” round

SR-218 ------ $135

Bird of Paradise stepping stone

Double Bird of Paradise

14” round

SR-217 ------ $155

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Dutch Tulips

14” round

SR-117 ------ $135

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14” round

SR-111 ------ $245

Daffodil  stone

14” round

SR-223 ------ $135

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Sun & Moon

14”  round stone

SR-107 ------- $272

More >> Sun & Moon stepping stone hummingbird mosaic stepping stone Plumeria stained glass stepping stone Striped Fish stained glass stepping stone


14”  round  stone

SR-108 ------ $190


14” round stone

SR-110 ----- $245.  


14” round

SR-109 ------ $245

Black & Yellow Fish

14” round stone

SR-230 ------ $140

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All my products are made by me right here in the USA.  Let’s all pitch in. Support small businesses in America!

Round Stained Glass Stepping Stones

Fleur de lis mosaic stepping stone

Fleur de Lis

14” round

SR-218 ------ $195

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14”  round  stone

SR-167 ------ $275

Chipmunk Stone

14” round stone

SR-168----- $250  

Samoyed Dog

14” round

SR-169------ $255

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Click below to request a quote on any design.  Be sure to include your dimensions (W x H) as well as the design name/number and your color choice.

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