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Traditional stained glass designs can be resized to fit cabinet doors, window openings, or suspended by a chain. Any color combination can be utilized.  I will happily redesign any style to a more eclectic one to suit your needs.

Traditional 7

Traditional 20

Traditional 89

Traditional 51

Traditional W-168

Traditional 7 stained glass panel traditional stained glass cabinet insert style 89 traditional 51 art glass panel traditional w168 cabinet door insert

Traditional 300

Traditional 6

Traditional 54

traditional style 300 traditional 6 cabinet insert traditional 54 stained glass panel

All my products are made by me right here in the USA.  Let’s all pitch in. Support small businesses in America!

Traditional 188

traditional 188 cabinet door insert

Traditional Stained Glass Panels

Traditional 21

Traditional Stained Glass Panel #21
Contemporary Deco & Nouveau Simple Florals Victorian Traditional Unique


Traditional 008

traditional 008 cabinet door insert

Traditional  90

Traditional stained glass window style 90

Traditional 14

traditional 14 cabinet glass insert

Traditional Edwardian

stained glass panel - Traditional Edwardian


traditional stained glass cabinet panel
traditional style 20

Click below to request a quote on any design.  Be sure to include your dimensions (W x H) as well as the design name/number and your color choice.

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