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Birds and things with stained glass wings - Watch these artful pieces soar as they take flight.  From the delicacy of a butterfly to the magic of a dragonfly these delightful stained glass pieces are sure to please.  Each of these stained glass winged creatures can be ordered in any color combination. Our collectible figurines and suncatchers are hand-cut and soldered. All  stained glass birds, butterflies, and more can be customized with your color choices.  Hanging  panels can also be resized to fit your space. For a small fee items can be gift wrapped and shipped  to another address if requested.

dragonfly suncatcher

Dragonfly Ring  

8" Diameter

W-201 ----- $75

More >>

Butterfly Lady

 7.25”  tall

F-118  ------ $75

More >> cockatoo suncatcher

Cockatoo Suncatcher

11” tall

W-135 ------ $89.

PayPal: Add Cockatoo to cart

African Gray  Window

11"x 17"

W-263 --------- $192

Angel  Heralding

15”x 9”

 M-228 ------- $173

Oval Dove  Panel

10” x 14”

 W-148 ------ $143

PayPal: Add Oval Dove to cart oval dove window african gray panel PayPal: Add African Gray to cart PayPal: Add Angel Heralding to cart peacock figure with stained glass tail

Peacock Figure

(approx 9")

F-124 - - - - - $75

PayPal: Add Peacock Figure to cart sun conure suncatcher

Sun Conure

11" Suncatcher

W-145 - - - -  $89

PayPal: Add Sun Conure to cart toucan transom window

Toucan Window

 28" x 12"

W-195 —––––- $340

PayPal: Add Toucan Window to cart hummingbird & lily arched transom

Hummingbird & Lily Arched Window

25" x 13"

W-260 --------- $358

PayPal: Add Hummingbird & Lily Window to cart swan figure with glass feathers

Swan Bowl

(open at top for candle or soap)

F-129   ------ $85

More >> heralding angel irridized glass wings

Wings of Stained Glass

rooster & morning flowers - stained glass cabinet insert

Rooster & Morning Flowers

Made to order in your size

White  Laying Hen

Made to order in your size

stained glass panel - white laying hen stained glass black & white rooster cabinet insert

Black & White Rooster

Made to order in your size

All my products are made by me right here in the USA.  Let’s all pitch in. Support small businesses in America!

Click below to request a quote on any design.  Be sure to include your dimensions (W x H) as well as the design name/number and your color choice.

Request a quote   Request a quote Request a quote Request a quote hummingbird with stained glass wings


(Brass hanger not included)

F-125 - - - - $55

PayPal: Add Hummingbird figure to cart peacock window panel

Peacock Window

W-131 - - - -   $359

Background is clear

PayPal: Add Peacock to cart dragonfly with brass wings on lily pad

Dragonfly  on Lily pad

approx 10" wingspan

F-123 ------ $85

PayPal: Add Dragonfly on Lily Pad (Brass Filigree Wings) to cart blue parrot with stained glass wings

Parrot on Swing

Approx 6” tall


PayPal: Add Parrot on Swing to cart stained glass cabinet insert- rooster at dawn

Rooster at Dawn

Made to order in your size

Request a quote Beveled Dove Window

 Bevel Dove Window

14" x 10"   

W-149 —–– $175

PayPal: Add Beveled Dove Panel to cart hanging round butterfly panel Request a quote  

Round Butterfly Hanging Panel

Any  size

Price based on size