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Stained Glass Pet Portraits

Stained glass pet portraits are our #1 seller. Send us your pet photos and we will capture your beloved pet in a forever portrait. We can design a stained glass panel or mosaic stepping stone.  Lettering can be added if desired to the stones and are often utilized as a pet memorial stone.   Designs cost $45 which is credited toward purchase. We will forward a full color design for your approval.  The stained glass pet portrait windows and mosaic stepping stones below can be customized with your choice of background/border colors.  Order form is at bottom of this page.


16” Hexagon

Your dogs name included

PS-173 —––– $187

Rhodesian Ridgeback

15.5” Round Panel

PW-172 —–––––– $212

PayPal: Add Beagle Hexagon to cart

Schnauzer  “Smooch”

18” Hanging Panel

W-136 —–––– $275

schnauzer schnauzer window PayPal: Add Schnauzer Window to cart PayPal: Add Rhodesian Ridgeback to cart

Bernese Mtn Dog Panel

15" x 17"

W-279 ------- $306

bernese mt dog bernese mt dog window airdale airdale window

Airedale Window

18"  round

W-262 ------- $251

Dog with Scarf “Casey”

15" x 20" stained glass window

PW-170 —––––- $411

dog with scarf dog with scarf window pit bull with balls pit bull with balls stepping stone

Pitbull & 3 balls

16 " hex stepping stone

SH-280 ------- $180

PayPal: Add Bernese Mt Dog to cart

Tuxedo Cat

18” round hanging window

PW-175 —––––- $355

tuxedo cat tuxedo cat hanging panel sharpei sharpei stepping stone

Sharpei (Keisha)

16" Hex stepping stone

W-281 ------ $184

Shetland Sheepdog

15" x 21"

W-266   ---------- $323

shetland sheepdog shetland sheepdog window schnauzer schnauzer stepping stone


Stepping Stone

SH-263 -------- $170

Bernese Mtn Dogs

 17"  round hanging panel

W-261 --------- $247

two bernese mt dogs two bernese mt dog window belgian terruvian dog belgian teruvian dog stepping stone

Belgian Teruvian

16” Square Memorial Stepping Stone

PS-174 —––––  $221

Cockapoo Puppy

16" stained glass window

W-270 --------- $255

cockapoo puppy cockapoo puppy panel beagle dog beagle dog window


13 "   round  hanging window

W-284 --------- $198


16" window

W-269 --------- $221

cocker spaniel dog cocker spaniel panel tabby cat and labrador dog tabby cat and labrador dog

Tabby Cat & Labrador Dog

Stained Glass Window

W-282 -------- $350

Belgian Teruvian “Quasar”

16” Square Stepping Stone

PS-171 —––––-  $282

belgian teruvian dog with flowers mosaic stone belgian teruvian dog Sweet sheltie sweet sheltie window

Sweet Sheltie

12” x 15” Panel

W-137 —–––– $250


16" Window

W-271 ----------- $237

labradoodle labradoodle window PayPal: Add Airedale Window to cart PayPal: Add Pitbull with balls to cart PayPal: Add Sharpei Hexagonal Stepping Stone to cart

Flame Point Cat w/stand

12” round

WI-264 ----------- $250

exotic shorthair cat exotic shorthair cat panel PayPal: Add Flame Point Cat w/stand to cart yorkshire terrier yorkshire terrier hanging panel

Yorkshire Terrier

14 "   round hanging panel

W-264 -------- $175

PayPal: Add Yorkshire Terrier to cart PayPal: Add Shetland Sheepdog to cart PayPal: Add Schnauzer stepping stone to cart PayPal: Add Bernese Mountain Dogs to cart PayPal: Add Cockapoo Puppy to cart PayPal: Add Beagle Window to cart PayPal: Add Cockapoo to cart PayPal: Add Tabby Cat & Labrador Dog to cart PayPal: Add Sweet Sheltie to cart beagle dog - annabelle beagle dog stepping stone with lettering chihuahua chihuahua panel

Chihuahua (stand separate)

12” round panel

W-139 —––-–– $149

PayPal: Add Chihuahua to cart PayPal: Add Labradoodle to cart rhodesian ridgeback dog rhodesian ridgeback dog window PayPal: Add Tuxedo Cat to cart PayPal: Add Dog (Casey) w/scarf to cart PayPal: Add Belgian Teruvian "Cash" to cart PayPal: Add Belgian Teruvian "Cash" to cart Jack Russell terrier Jack Russell stepping stone

Jack Russell “Hearty”

16” Hexagonal Mosaic Stepping Stone

PayPal: Add Jack Russell stepping stone to cart
Weimaraner Dogs Weimaraners stepping stone set

Hansel and Gretel


This adorable photo was provide by their

Owner who also owns the Jack Russell below.


Double 16” Squares Stepping Stone

SS-164 —–––––– $494

PayPal: Add Weimaraner - Set Square Stones to cart

Stained glass design


Pet Portrait Design

Submit Photo/Request Info  australian shephards stained glass art australian shephards - stained glass pet portrait

Australian Shephards


Stained glass pet portrait

Request a Quote to have these or your own dogs made into a forever stained glass portrait.

Questions?  Send Email or call

(912) 349-4077


Border Collie photo

Border Collie stained glass portrait

14” x 18”  -   $294

PayPal: Add Border Collie Panel to cart Poodle stained glass stepping stone Poodle pet portrait

Poodle & Roses w/pet name

16” Hexagon


PayPal: Add Beagle Hexagon to cart

Golden Retriever
12 x 14” panel


golden retriever golden retriever shih-tsu shih-tsu stained glass panel

Shih Tsu Stianed glass panel


14” round