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All my products are made by me right here in the USA.  Let’s all pitch in. Support small businesses in America!

To request custom work or if you have questions don’t hesitate to contact me.  I can also be reached by phone at:  912-349-4077

Mail: glassm2@yahoo.com?subject=Stained glass question Customize

Southwest Stained Glass Windows

southwest panel 5geometric stained glass panel - southwestgeometric southwest panel

Southwest #2

Geometric Window

Southwest #5

Southwest #6


These beautiful southwest stained glass windows  (as well as all our stained glass panels) will be quoted based on the size you need.  Be sure to include size (height and width) as well as colors.  We will provide you with a color design along with the quoted price.

Southwest geometric 28 stained glass window

Geometric #28

Customize Customize Customize bull horns stained glass window

Southwest Bull Horns

Customize Stained glass window - Southwest Style #7

Southwest #7

Customize stained glass window Indian Chief

Indian Chief with headdress

Priced for 14” x 18”

Customize PayPal: Add Indian Chief with Headdress to cart

Southwest #8

Customize southwest 9 stained glass window panel

Southwest #9

Customize indian feather arch

Southwestern Feather Arch Transom

Customize southwest 10  stained glass panel

Southwest  #10

Geometric Panel

Customize dream catcher


11" x 17"

M-238 -------- $207

PayPal: Add Dreamcatcher to cart Customize southwest stained glass window panel style 8 geometric southwest stained glass window

Southwest #11

Geometric Window


Southwest  Geometric Transom

Customize stained glass transom window geometric tree silhouette panel

Tree Silhouette

11”x 18”

 W-229 -------- $230

PayPal: Add Tree Silhouette to cart Customize

Bring the Southwest into your home with a custom stained glass window. The designs on this page are based on the geometric designs of tribal Indian art and also include designs of the Western cowboy.  We will gladly put your horse in a window with or without you on his back. Desert and mountain scenes are also featured here.  

horse and cowboy stained glass window southwest desert panel desert sidelight stained glass

Desert Sidelite

12" x 36"


PayPal: Add Desert Sidelight (left) to cart

Desert Sidelite

12" x 36"


Rodeo Cowboy Window   

 24" x 36"

 W-213 ------------ $ 850

PayPal: Add Rodeo Cowboy to cart PayPal: Add Desert Sidelight (right) to cart Customize Customize Customize