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Whether decorating a new home or doing home improvement projects; adding stained glass windows can not only enhance the appearance of your home decor but add to the value as well. I have worked with stained glass transoms and sidelights as well, including lots of bevels. These panels can be installed from the inside right up next to the existing window or a chain can be added for hanging. Should you desire a pattern or color you don't see here send us your request and we can custom design a stained glass window for you. Prices below are based on pattern and size. Each panel can be resized and priced accordingly.  

Stained Glass Windows & Panels

Geisha stained glass window panel

Geisha Fan Dance

16” x 26”



Little Rose

8” x 13”


PayPal: Add Little Rose to cart little rose stained glass panel Peacock window Pansy Corners hibiscus corners

Stained Glass

Pansy Corners 8”x 7”

M-226 -------- $208 set

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Stained Glass

Hibiscus Corners   8 x 6

M-225 ------- $208 set

add to cart Dragon Crocus Marlin Bevel window octagonal tulip panel monkey panel tree silhouete mermaid window fleur de lis

Peacock Window

W-131 - - - -   $450

Background clear texture

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Crocus window

14” dia. (clear background)

W-236 ------- $375.

PayPal: Add Crocus Panel to cart

Beveled Marlin

Approx. 20" Diameter

W-286 ---------- $425

PayPal: Add Beveled Marlin to cart

Stained Glass

Dragon Window 18"

 W-219 ------ $450

PayPal: Add Dragon Window to cart squirrel monkey

Squirrel Monkey

Approx 12” x 14”

W-133 —––- $350

PayPal: Add Squirrel Monkey Window to cart

Tree Silhouette   

11”x 18”

 W-229 -------- $395

PayPal: Add Tree Silhouette to cart

Abstract Panel

14” x 14”

W-267 -------- $360

PayPal: Add Abstract to cart abstract hanging panel

Tulip Octagon Window

16” x 16”

W-234 —–- $360

PayPal: Add Tulip Octagon to cart

Mermaid Window  

23.5" x 13"

W-277 -------- $430

PayPal: Add Mermaid Window to cart



W-278 -------- $165

PayPal: Add Fleur-de-lis to cart

 Our windows are made using Tiffany's copper foil method which allows for much more freedom of design as well as being overall stronger than lead came method.  Each piece of glass in a panel is carefully hand-cut, ground, foiled and soldered. After cleaning all the flux from the glass a patina of choice (black or copper) is applied and finally the whole piece is waxed.

victorian circle capuchin monkey

Victorian Circle

12” diameter

W-203 —–- $225

PayPal: Add Victorian Circle to cart

Capuchin Circle

13” diameter

W-199 -------- $275

PayPal: Add Capuchin Monkey Circle to cart

Lotus Blossom

13” diameter

W-242 -------- $285

PayPal: Add Lotus Blossum - yellow & white to cart lotus blossom More >> More >> Victorian Octagon stained glass window

Victorian 18”


 W-141 ------ $372

PayPal: Add Victorian Octagon to cart

Rose Octagon

24 inches

 W-142 ------ $398

PayPal: Add Single Rose Octagon 24" to cart Rosebud Octagonal stained glass window

Winter Moon Landscape

18” Stained Glass Panel

W-138 —–––- $375

add to cart goldfish stained glass window

Goldfish Window

13" diameter

 W-130 ----- $255

PayPal: Add Goldfish Window to cart

Indian Shield

16” diameter


PayPal: Add Indian Shield to cart stained glass window - Indian Shield Tree of Life - stained glass window panel ivy vine stained glass window dragon stained glass window panel

Ivy Vine Arch

14 “ x 25”


Dragon Star

17”  x 28”


add to cart add to cart

Tree of Life

21” Diameter


add to cart Request Custom Size  Victorian Octagon stained glass window

Victorian Octagon 3

20” x 20”




Capuchin Monkey

15" x 37"

W-283 ------- $735

Winter Moon Landscape stained glass panel Submit


18” Octagon


PayPal: Add Geometric Octagon to cart geometric stained glass octagon window

Oval Dove   

12" x 16"

   W-148 ------ $325

PayPal: Add Oval Dove to cart ascending dove stained glass panel

Celtic Transom

43.5” x 8.5”


PayPal: Add Celtic Transom to cart Celtic stained glass transom

Lion Head

18” x 19”


Submit Lion head stained glass panel

Woodland Deer

Custom made by request

Request a Quote deep-sea-octagon

Deep Blue See

22.5” Octagon