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A Glass Menagerie

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Savannah, GA

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Our nautical stained glass page features many type of marine creatures including fish, mermaids, sea shell, sailboats …..a virtual sea of glass.  We will be happy to customize any of the art glass windows, suncatchers or stepping stones in your choice of stained glass colors. Some of the fish suncatchers are much larger (12-13 inches) than your typical suncatcher.

All my products are made by me right here in the USA.  Let’s all pitch in. Support small businesses in America!

red beta fish blue beta fish suncatcher

Giant 12"

Beta Fish

W-207b ------ $145

Giant 12"

Beta Fish

W-207a ------ $145

Sailboat Bookends

Works well with CDs

M-142 ------   $220

sailboat bookends PayPal: Add Giant 13" Beta Fish - Blue to cart PayPal: Add Giant 13" Beta Fish - Red to cart PayPal: Add Sailboat Bookends to cart tiger barb fish butterfly fish suncatcher banner fish sun-catcher french angel fish suncatcher

Banner Fish

12” Suncatcher

W-209 ----- $125

Butterfly Fish

12" Suncatcher

W-211 ------- $125

Tiger Barb Fish

12” Suncatcher

W-210 ------ $125

  French Angel Fish

11” Suncatcher

W-208 ------ $125

PayPal: Add Banner fish -12" to cart PayPal: Add Butterfly Fish to cart PayPal: Add Tiger barb fish -12" to cart PayPal: Add French Angel fish -11" to cart sea dancer

Sea Dancer

Approx 18” x 13”

W-134 —–- $335

PayPal: Add Sea Dancer to cart mermaid panel

Goldfish Window

13" diameter

 W-130 ----- $300

Mermaid Window  

23.5" x 13"

W-277 -------- $407

goldfish window PayPal: Add Goldfish Window to cart PayPal: Add Mermaid Window to cart beveled marlin

Beveled Marlin

Approx. 20" Diameter

W-286 ---------- $350

PayPal: Add Beveled Marlin to cart

 Tropical Fish      Collect all these stained glass tropical fish suncatchers and hang them at varying heights in a window. We would be glad to make corresponding seaweed and other sea creatures on request. These make wonderful gifts even for the most discerning.  Everyone loves them. These tropical fish can be made smaller or a different color if requested.

Dolphin stained glass stepping stone

Dolphin Leaping

14” round

SR-216 ------ $149


PayPal: Add Dolphin Stepping Stone to cart nautical anchor window sun and sail panel

Anchor Window

12 x 16”

W-228 ------ $300

PayPal: Add Anchor Window to cart

Sun & Sail

9"x 13"

W-286 - - - - $300

PayPal: Add Sun & Sail to cart

Beveled King Seahorse

12” x 24”

W-251 ------- $325

PayPal: Add King Seahorse Bevel to cart stained glass beveled seahorse

Nautical Stained Glass

sailboat stained glass windowstarfish of the sea stained glasstropical fish octagon

Tropical Fish  

21” Octagon


PayPal: Add Tropical Fish to cart

Sailboat cabinet

12 x 20”  


PayPal: Add Sailboat cabinet to cart

Starfish cabinet

12 x 20"


PayPal: Add Starfish cabinet to cart

Compass Rose Stone

w/directional letters

SC-204 ----- $281

compass rose stepping stone anchors away stepping stone PayPal: Add Compass Rose Stone to cart

Anchors Away

14”  round

SR-116 -----$165

stained glass lighthouse stepping stone


14” round

SR-111 ------ $175

Center Above:  The Compass Rose stepping stone is a specialty stone.  At this time I can no longer find the directional letter disks as pictured. I do have ceramic lettering in different colors that can be used.

Center below:  The beveled seahorse is one of my personal favorites.  It is quite large and is absolutely breathtaking in person.  

PayPal: Add Compass Rose Stone to cart PayPal: Add Compass Rose Stone to cart

 Scallop Shell

10” x 10”

 M-227 --------$225

PayPal: Add Scallop Shell to cart scallop shell hanging panel

Click below to request a quote on any design.  Be sure to include your dimensions (W x H) as well as the design name/number and your color choice.

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